Book Clubs for ALL Ages and Interests!

Book Clubs, “Read Alouds”, and “Read Alongs” will take place weekly! I will collaborate with classroom teachers to make sure the Library’s book club, taking place through Zoom, do not interfere with instructional time.

Book Clubs – Zoom conferences led by Mr. King in which the group discusses the book selected. Every week before our meeting, we will read a portion of the book to discuss.

Read Alouds – Story time, plain and simple! This is an activity with Kindergarten and 1st grade in the STA library.

Read Alongs – We will read together, taking turns as the story goes. I will use the zoom “screen share” function so students can see the book as I see it on my screen, but of course it might be best if they have a copy of their own. I think these are all pretty great books!

Read Aloud! Mondays at 1.oopm Kinder and 1st

Penelope is really struggling in school… but it’s because her classmates are HUMANS! How is she going to make friends if she can’t stop eating her classmates? Join us for a weekly storytime for some fun picks from the STA library!

Read Along! Mondays at 11am & 11.30am Grade 1

Bink & Gollie have verrrry little in common – just look at the book’s cover! However, this dynamic, roller-skating friendship will have you laughing, guaranteed. With all-star authors Kate DiCamillo and Allison McGhee, you could hardly go wrong, but this book (part of a 3-book series) is fantastic. AR Level – 2.5

Book Club! Wednesdays at 11am Grades 4-6

Have you ever been friends with someone that could imitate the masters art? Draw on canvas with their legs? Oh right, and they’re a beetle? No? Well, James has! Let’s chat about it as we read about the shenanigans these two unlikely friends get into (like, are they really going to get involved in an art heist at the Met??? Wow, seems like an odd idea). It’s a fun mystery, and you’ll accidentally learn some cool art history too! AR Level – 4.8

Book Club! Fridays at 10am Grades 5-8

I can’t start by saying anything but wowwwww. I loved this book! An incredibly clever mystery, When You Reach Me follows 1970s preteen Miranda as she tries to unravel a series of secret notes that have an uncanny way of telling the future… and somehow Miranda must save the life of a friend??? It would be a crime if I didn’t ask you guys to read this. Selfishly, I also want to talk about this book with as many people as I can. Help me on my quest and join the club! AR Level – 4.5 (again, Middle Grade novel here)

Book Club! Thursdays at 10am, 10.30am & 11am Grades 2-4

Alvin is a hilarious second-grade hero, who just so happens to be afraid of everything. Read on, and our club will meet to talk about Alvin as he tackles anxiety in the forms of piano lessons, kimchi, girls, elevators, and DEFINITELY school. One of my recent favorites, I think you’re going to like it! AR Level – 3.8

Book Club! Tuesdays at 10am Grades 3-5

Siblings, and road trips for that matter, can be trying. Telgemeier’s honest, autobiographical storytelling invites every reader in, and reminds us all that graphic novels can hold their own in literature. Let’s chat about Raina and Amara in Sisters! AR Level – 2.4 (reminder – AR only judges based on “readability”, not content. This is definitely a Middle Grade novel.)

Book Club! Wednesdays at 9.30am & 10.15am Grades 5-8

A read from my teenage years that, imho, still holds up. This book is the first of many in the series, and presents a well crafted world with kings, knights, villains, and a mysterious branch of fighters called Rangers. Of course I welcome all to join, but I particularly encourage my STA boys that don’t think reading can be fun or engaging; let’s give this book a try, I really think you will enjoy it. AR Level – 7.0

Do you have suggestions or requests for a Book Club or Read Along? Let me know through the contact page on this website or send me an email at

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